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Haowei Sporting Goods Co., LTD.

QuanXing Industry Zone, TangJiao Village, ChaShan Town, DongGuan City, GuangDong, China

Respect talent
Very simply, we respect our people, adhering to the "talent is all the company's" philosophy. In Hao dimension, we have been working to provide as many opportunities for our employees, so that they fully display his talents.
Pursuit of excellence
Make our best efforts to strive through unyielding passion for excellence, as well as to develop a firm commitment to the market's most outstanding products and services, so that the world's best in every aspect of what we do.
Leading change
In today's rapidly evolving global economic environment, the change is permanent, there is no innovation, companies can not survive. Just as we did in the past 90 years, we focus on the future, and actively predict market requirements and needs, so that we can make our business towards long-term success and prosperity.
Legitimate business
Ethical approach to business is the foundation of our cause. We will ensure fairness in any respect, respect for all employees, as well as fully transparent ethics.
Mutual benefit
A business, if you can not bring prosperity and opportunity for others, then the company will not succeed. Hao dimension will assume a good corporate citizen in the social and environmental aspects should bear full responsibility for the pursuit of each of our communities, countries and the common prosperity of human society.