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Haowei Sporting Goods Co., LTD.

QuanXing Industry Zone, TangJiao Village, ChaShan Town, DongGuan City, GuangDong, China

 1. Quality first
 Insist on quality first concept of quality, from raw material procurement to products shipped dozens of procedures to implement checks at each level, layers of quality control. Do not buy substandard raw materials, Substandard products not manufactured, not to sell substandard products. In order to ensure that consumers buy with confidence, with confidence.

 2. People-oriented
 Humane enterprise management, user-friendly product design. We do not seek flashy appearance, we focus consideration is people's habits and safety and environmental health.

 3. Rapid response
 Adhere to customer-centric, fast and efficient customer service. Fine various departments within the enterprise workflow, build fast, efficient work channels.

 4. Times
 Adhere to keep pace with the times and the market, continuous product innovation, sound management approach to optimize the various departments, to become the industry leader.

 5. Teamwork
 Adhere to customer-oriented development, promote team spirit, strengthen good cooperation with franchisees together to create a sophisticated, Italy and Australia team.

 6. Pragmatic
 Business entrepreneurs develop sound and pragmatic spirit, we raw material selection, product design, production and quality control, customer service and internal management are showing us
The solid, stable.