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Haowei Sporting Goods Co., LTD.

QuanXing Industry Zone, TangJiao Village, ChaShan Town, DongGuan City, GuangDong, China

Dear Customer:
Very honored to provide "Haowei" products and related technical documentation for your company. In order to make our high-quality products, competitive prices, excellent service and innovative spirit has been resolved fully displayed reflects our sincerity, our products and services for Wan Shen made the following commitments:

Pre-sales services:
● provide users with templates and fabric inspection report.
● Users should be invited to the production site of production conditions and provide equipment selection and other technical advice.
● provide users with technical hands-on training for free.
● provide users with a list of the main parts.
● welcome to consult the technical issues, and user consultation and cooperation.

Service commitment:
● Enjoy "Haowei" product life-long consulting services.
● quality problems caused by the failure by the company to provide spare parts for free.
  Pre-service consultation: + 86-769-86487671
  Service Advisory: + 86-769-86487671 (Miss Liu)